Lipsticks: Starting from the bottom

For the past few years of my life, I have slowly (really slowly) started to use make up of any sort. It started with my best friend holding me down to put some eye liner on,  to me shakily trying it out myself and becoming a pro.

The issue is that I have to go through such a process to include another item of make up into my accepted routine. I stuck to eye liner for about a year, almost 2. Then I tried some light powder on my face and neck, but rarely used it. Then, I found the likes of MAC and decided to give their foundation a try. It turned out pretty well. And just this year, my mother finally convinced me that mascara does make a difference with my lashes, lol.

Now, I have not always been one to smack color on my lips for a prettier, cuter, edgier look, but I recently decided that I needed to give it a try. I am 22 next month! It’s about time

I did realize however that the different lipsticks I have, look very much alike…except for maybe one or two. Hopefully, as I start to grow more with my make up, I will share more with you on my journey.

For now, here are the colors of my different lipsticks and the brands of them as well, from left to right. I have to say that so far, my best have been my two MAC ones.


1. Sleek makeup : fuchsia 789, 2. MAC: Satin rebel A83, 3. MAC: Ruby woo EA3, 4. Revlon: Colorburst lip butter Raspberry pie 010, 5. Revlon: Colorburst lip butter Cherry Tart 070, 6. Inglot: lipstick 103, 7. L’oreal: Ravishing red 312


Trying them out 🙂



I hope you look forward to my journey as much as I do!

Happy Hump Day everyone! The weekend is almost here. Unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about that…

Love, Dhvani


5 thoughts on “Lipsticks: Starting from the bottom

  1. Awww…me like d cute lip thingy you got going on in the last pics…btw u don’t look anything close to 22,just saying..nice blog u got,I should stick around 🙂

  2. Lol..fair enuf then..just checking..u don’t come across to me as lazy tho. I mean to maintain a blog as nice as this is surely hard work.u doing a really good job anyway.Thumbs up

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