Homosexuality (Oh no you didn’t…)

“Sleeping with another man will cause us all a heart attack. Gej (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) weapon is good because it will save all our kids from Pedophiles”

This past week, I thought about writing a post on homosexuality. Little did I know that at the same time, my country’s legislators thought they should dish out punishment on homosexuals. Great minds think alike? right…


Recently, Nigeria’s legislature decided to pass a bill that has made it illegal to engage in intimate relationship with a member of the same sex and to attend, or organize or operate a meeting of gays and gay organizations including private clubs.¬†For those of you who may not know, Nigeria is a heavily religious country and believes that it has one of the greatest moral compasses of all time. On a daily basis we enjoy exclaiming “Oh God” in English and several indigenous languages. God is equally the reason for everything that happens in our lives, both good and bad. Sadly, as a country, we mostly suffer from the bad such as corruption but also attribute that to God’s will instead of the greed of our many looting governors, ministers, senators and “Ogas at the top”. As a result, it comes as no surprise that we have also taken it upon ourselves as Nigerians to decree the sexuality (private sphere) of everyone within our country. Homosexuality is believed to be of the devil and described as unnatural. Many of my fellow Nigerians that go against and judge homosexuals freely quote the Bible and Jesus in order to condemn them.

I was brought up to believe all of the above said things, and safe to say, I have completely different opinions of them now. Our leaders have not finished dealing with all the corruption and rot in our country, but we have made it our priority to dictate what should be done inside and outside of the bedroom. And the people dictating these are the same people that condone and happily exercise pedophilia and polygamy (only one man and more women, never the other way around). In all honesty, I do not care about people and the beliefs they hold. I feel that people are allowed to hold whichever beliefs they want.

But to use your beliefs to determine other people’s lives for me is the epitome of blasphemy. Don’t support homosexuals, don’t be them, or be best friends with them. But do not dare judge them. When Christians speak to me about homosexuality and its banned nature in the Bible, the level of hypocrisy is very difficult to not point out. The Bible itself claims that the most important law is to love your neighbor as you love yourself and yours will be the kingdom of Heaven. However, self righteous as we are, we choose to make ourselves little gods and proclaim judgement on homosexuality. We go so far as to not only judge but dish out punishment on people’s lifestyles that do us no harm more than our heterosexual nature does them. We become bullies of the majority and punish the minority for being different. And yet, we are proud to call ourselves Christians and people of God. We dress with such fanfare and celebrate in Church asking favors of God. But we are no better,and most times are worse than those we judge. For Catholics, even the Pope himself has warned us not to judge and archbishop Desmond Tutu has proclaimed that his God is not a homophobic God. Quick question: who are we then to judge?


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