Winter Pastels

On rainy days, I tend to wear warm or bright colors. I enjoy contrasting it with the gloomy weather and it brightens my own mood most times. Sure, the rain is great when I am lying in bed watching series or reading A novel, but not so great when I have to trudge from class to class in it. This outfit includes my dress from the Philip Lim for Target collection that I honestly looked over and yonder for. It also displays my love for one of this season’s loves: pastels and pinks.


Had some fun with it





I’m thinking “Who’s that?”



I apologize for the blurriness. Still trying to learn the intricacies of my new camera!

Dress – Philip Lim for Target, Coat – Miss Selfridge, Clutch – Zara, Shoes – Designer Shoe Warehouse, Jewelry – Aldo


8 thoughts on “Winter Pastels

  1. Gosh Zacky! How did it take you this long to start a blog! Love the colours! We want more! MORE!

    Quick one: Is this ALL you have on during winter? No layers? Teach us—your readers—to be as bold!! In fact, just do a “how I stay warm during winter” post. Please and thanks.


    1. LOL!!!!! Timon! Don’t worry, I promise to do a layers post real soon! The weather for this post was 13 degrees celsius so I whipped out a dress before it could drop, lol. #globalwarming

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